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Shortt Recruitment provide temporary employees (‘TEMPS’) to our clients.

More and more employers are coming to rely on temporary staff to cover unplanned absences, unexpected increase in work, holiday cover, maternity or parental leave etc..

Contracts can be day to day, short term or long term projects depending on the needs of the client.

Why choose temping

Sometimes candidates can find themselves between jobs, or unsure what career direction the want to take or have just moved to the area and are looking gain some experience.

Temping is a great opportunity to experience different types of companies and employers and to improve your skills in many diverse roles.   Occasionally temping can lead to full-time employment with an employer.

What is the process:

  1. You would need to be available at short notice
  2. Attend a registration interview with Shortt Recruitment
  3. Provide references
  4. P45
  5. Bank account details

Shortt Recruitment will call you in as opportunities arise.